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Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Every day, Ukrainian defenders die or are wounded while protecting civilians from the Russian aggressor.

Every day the members of the band "Antibodies", who have replaced their music with machine guns and tactical medicine since the first days of the war, save lives.

But the war has entered a new phase, and the evacuation of the wounded is becoming increasingly difficult because all the aggressor's actions are aimed at leaving our soldiers on the battlefield: without help, without a chance of survival. Consequently, the place insidiously becomes an easy target for killing medics and any survivors.

There is only one option, though it doesn’t eliminate the risk, but significantly reduces it and gives a good chance of saving lives - night vision goggles.


1. The ability to have free hands as goggles are attached to the helmet with a system of fasteners and straps that hold the device securely in place.

2. The ability to remove the device at any time and provide assistance.

3. Ability to drive vehicles without lights on.

Currently, there is an urgent need for 10 units of night vision goggles, with the cost of one such device is $2,600 and the required number is equal to $26,000

Проведено переговори з виробником, розв'язано питання постачання, але залишається найважчий процес - оплата.

Negotiations with the manufacturer have been conducted, issues with logistics have been resolved, but the most difficult part remains - payment.

We ask everyone to help in any way they can, because any amount will save many lives.

Join the “Antibodies” team, write the story of a life - with people saving lives.

Automated system for transferring to the Edison Camp Community Organization's account. The system automatically accepts any country's currency.


доларів США Код IBAN: UA533052990000026000046811159 SWIFT-код банку: PBANUA2X

Євро Код IBAN: UA203052990000026003026813840 SWIFT-код банку: PBANUA2X

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