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Life after 85...

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Was there life after the 85th day of the war or how did we live until the 179th?

Thousands of kilometers of roads, millions of minutes of phone calls, hundreds of filled papers and dozens of hands involved - this is how our neural network of help looks like to find and deliver the right recipients.

The movement of days was so frantic that they flew by at the speed of light, the rhythm of which was set by anxious and tireless keepers: Oksana Yesakova, Svitlana Solianyk, Zoya Burlakova.

Why the custodians?

Because they: found, collected, packed, counted, carried, transported, negotiated, replenished stocks - and all this for the benefit of defenders in hot spots and IDPs (internally displaced persons) or victims of hostilities.

They were accompanied by many assistants, each of whom had their own role and tasks: Tamara Lyashenko, Marina Terkun, Natalia Nazarenko, Vladimir Nemchenko, Alexander Kovalevsky, Elena Kovalevskaya, Vera Nagayeva.

Therefore, we did not feel how we crossed the 179 mark, so we tried to summarize here and remember what we did and what we managed to do, and who was with us all this time:




1000 beds with mattresses and blankets

Gadyach - IDPs

Okhtyrka - engineering and sapper unit

Kharkiv - NGO Food for Kharkiv citizens

Kharkiv: 4030, 130, 127

Poltava: PS and vch 7044

TRO Kyiv 130 (paramedics) м.Київ 130 (парамедики)

Management Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa assistance in logistics - NGO food for Kharkiv citizens and Help and the Barn

10 generators of the European brand KOMPAK 7000W

5 directions

to foreign partners Yanini and Vitaly Kovalevsky

330 paracord bracelets (made by a team of enthusiasts)

Yulia Maksimenko,Vera Nagayeva, Irina and Dmitry Maisenovich (friends from Belarus), Oleksiy Barash, Natalia Luzhnitsyna, Denys Didkovskyi and Ilona, Natalia Galagan, Oleksandra and Timur Kovalevsky

30 pcs of bandages

50 pcs of tactical first aid kits

40 pcs of cellox

4 pcs of tactical thermal blankets

A number of HF and TRO in different directions

Marina Werner and her friends

65 tactical backpacks

400 sponges for dry shower

Estem Company, which provided 100 units free of charge

The device for simultaneous filtration of up to 600 liters of water.

100pcs hydrators for 2.5 liters

Purchased for collective donations

Mobile water purifiers, water purification tablets, tactical turnstiles

HF range

34 Tourist tiles and gas cylinders for them

5 inflatable boats

34 carbines

300 m of special rope

Kirill Bezverkhyi and Serhiy Kalapturovsky and the fishing community

10 pairs of shoes

Kherson direction

100 pcs Gels for heating and cooking

34 TYT MD-750 and

TYT MD-760

Medicines, medical devices

all areas

Tactical turnstiles

Military units

Osokorki Med.Sos


Hospitals, paramedics

​"Luqel", Ramina Dadasheva Olena Kliuyeva, NGO VC "Kvazar"


LLC "Medical center "Family"

"Delta Medical" LLC

Personal care products and household chemicals -33 pallets

IDPs, residents of Kharkiv, hospitals, military units

​Management Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa assistance in logistics andHelp Yanini and Vitaly Kovalevsky

General medicine - 3 pallets

Hospitals, paramedics

​Management Miasto Stołeczne Warszawaassistance in logistics andHelp Yanini and Vitaly Kovalevsky

Disposable sheets, diapers for adults, bed linen -5 pallets

IDPs, hospitals

​Management Miasto Stołeczne Warszawaassistance in logistics andHelp Yanini and Vitaly Kovalevsky

Food - 10 pallets

IDPs, residents of Kharkiv, hospitals, military units

​Management Miasto Stołeczne Warszawaassistance in logistics andHelp Yanini and Vitaly Kovalevsky


Military units

To Dmitry Eremin

Delicacies and food products (about 65 tons)

Military units

To hromadas: Myrhorod, Kozelshchyna, Kobeliak, Kotelva, Gadyach, Zinkiv, Dykanka, Reshetylivka, Shyshak.

Burners, brackets, cats, materials for them

Military units

For the material provided by the group "Volunteers of Poltava region" and Zaitsev Vyacheslav. Vasyl Fedorchenko for the production of

Nets, camouflage suits, clothes for IDPs, underwear, bed linen, soft stretchers

Military units

Inna Bondarenko and the community of St. Nicholas Church

Fabric for nets

For sewing nets

​Auto Euro Force and Igor Panchenko

Nets, camouflage suits

Military units

Tetyana Sygyda and Hand made for the army by the hands of caring Poltava women and Vira Brovchenko and her team, Svitlana Chupak and Auto-Dnipro

Blankets, pillows, bed linen

Military units, IDPs

Lyudmila Omelay and her team

Nets, underwear, mats

Military units

Tireless grandmothers and Myroslava Pleshkova, Alina Titarenko and the team (Chorbivka village)


Military units

Oleksandr Komlev and the Kuvala store

100 pcs of Hats

Military units

Tactical goggles -20pcs

Is all this possible?

It would be impossible if not for a strong helping hand, if not for a layer of conscious citizens and companies that work. So we will still write a lot of texts and evaluations, but they are worth your time to see and read them, because all these companies and people in them constantly support our steps, for which we are infinitely grateful: Viola-Metgroup LLC, Event-Service PE, Alliance Car Service LLC, Tent Plus Poltava PE, Let's Win Together CO, Volunteer Center "With Ukraine in our hearts", Solidarity in Action, Poltava Battalion of Mercy, Charitable Foundation "We all come from Ukraine", Volunteer Organization 4. 5.0, World of Tools store, Glushkova Svitlana and MiniMaxi store. LLC "Dykanka Mlyn", LLC "SG "Skif", FOP Galich V.A.

Another hand we can safely lean on, perhaps at any time, is the community and caring people who ask not to emphasize their help and not to claim that their contribution is significant. But it is those hands that save our defenders, because they help: with homemade pastries, food, various products. Gratitude to communities and villages has no borders.

Will we continue to work?

Hope in the eyes, smiles, gratitude, saved lives - thanks to this our "anthill" is still alive and doing its job, even after 85....

And we are unstoppable, because we are Ukrainians, we are united, we have one goal - victory, which is already near, there is only one jump left, and then - ....


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